Rental of party equipment in Odessa | StageMen rental company

Corporate and private events

In addition to providing technical support for large events, StageMen rents out equipment for corporate events, birthdays, weddings and other private events.

We are happy to organize a holiday for you on any budget. Choose:

  • rental of light, sound, screens, special effects;
  • karaoke rental;
  • disco with DJ;
  • a concert with any artist.

We will invite speakers, bring and configure equipment – we will organize everything at your request in any area of Odessa.


Rental of speakers, microphones
Rental of lighting equipment: static and dynamic
DJ equipment rental
Rental of LED screens


These are just some of the artists we've worked with before. If you are interested in another artist, leave a request with a comment.

Entrust the organization of your event to professionals!
We pay attention to the smallest details. First, our employees always look neat and approach work responsibly. Secondly, before the event, we check the equipment settings again. Thirdly, there is always our specialist on the holiday who will make sure that everything goes perfectly.

Leave contacts to get an individual calculation of your event.

Organization of parties

Parties are a mandatory part of the lives of both young and old people. Parties with friends, classmates, colleagues – you can organize a variety of entertainment events. It is best to turn to professionals who have experience in organizing parties at home, in the office with any budget. If you need to rent party equipment, contact StageMen. We can also organize an invitation for any artist to your party.

Possible options for parties

You can contact us for rent of equipment for parties of different types:

  • Event outside the city;
  • Party in restaurants, cafes;
  • Holiday in the apartment/house.

The choice of equipment depends only on you and the budget of the party. For example, you can rent only karaoke and acoustics, and you can arrange a real disco with modern lighting fixtures. In addition, the cost is affected by the size of the room where the event will take place – the larger it is, the more powerful the equipment used should be. Leave a request on our website to order light and sound rental for a party in Odessa at an affordable price. Karaoke, disco equipment, DJ equipment, foam, snow and fire generators – your party will be remembered for a long time!