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Alexey Els


For more than 20 years, our company has been providing full technical support for various events, as well as organizing festivals, concerts and large-scale events on a turnkey basis. During this time, we have firmly taken the place of the market leader in the south of Ukraine.

The name of our company – StageMen – fully reveals the message that we want to convey to our potential clients. People of the stage, this is perfectly combined team of professional people that are involved in the preparation and holding of events:

The STAGE BUILDERS who build the stage itself, stands for spectators, podiums for shows, various constructs from trusses and much more.

The SOUNDERS, who set up sound systems, mount the entire rider sound park on the stage for artists to perform, and, in fact, work at the console at the concerts and events themselves.

The LIGHTERS, , who make a full weight and arrangement of lighting devices, prescribe lighting scenes and programs, and at the event they control all this light array.

The VIDEOGRAPHS, who assemble and set up LED video screens of any size and configuration, and work with video content at the events themselves.

The electricians, and generators, drivers and loaders and many others who do everything for several days in a row to make the event perfect, both in organizational and technical planes.

Our many years experience on a huge venues (birthdays of big cities, large-scale festivals, major city and regional events, and even some national events) allow our team to prepare for the most complex projects, taking into account all the little things and nuances.

StageMen – it’s not just a rental company. This is a whole mechanism working for one common result – a perfectly held event!